How I got Started with Reborn Therapy Baby Dolls

The love of babies grabbed hold of me as far back as I can remember (about 3 years old). I've been collecting many different kinds of dolls since 1980, the year my first child Missy, was born. Being a doll collector and making dolls was therapeutic for me. I didn't understand why until many years later and countless therapy appointments that it was due to a traumatic childhood and the dolls nurtured something inside of me. Even with all the training and books I've read, the pain was still there and helping others was how I started on my path of healing. I finally became a certified Biblical councilor myself. (not practicing anymore)

In September of 1999 I lost my beautiful Missy girl due to bone cancer 9 mo. after she gave birth to her only child, Kyla. As I make each reborn therapy baby it gives me a sense of comfort that it's not only therapeutic for myself but I'm touching someone else's life as well. In 1974 I also lost a baby in-utero due to Rubella (German measles) during pregnancy. This wasn't my first grief however it was one of my most traumatic. 

Grief Therapy or "Cuddle Therapy"
Sometime I use the reborn therapy babies in what is called "Cuddle Therapy" which has nothing to do with making the babies. "Cuddle Therapy" is also used for Grief, Cancer, Autism, Barren Women, Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.   (I will touch on this topic later on in my blog). 

They're not just for mothers who have lost a child but for anyone who knows how to take care of a special baby doll that looks so real they seem alive. Absolutely precious. 

Making the babies does cause a sense of comfort for me, even if it causes me to cry at times due to missing my daughter and baby. Crying is a part of grief that you should not stuff, you must go through it and once in a while, we just need to break down. Crying is okay, we are made in God's image and Jesus wept, in the garden, so we too can cry as we miss our children, no matter how old they were. ( I will also touch on this topic later on in my blog). 

My granddaughter/daughter, Kyla bought one with her own money at the age of 13. Seeing her's is what got me started, I fell in love with them and there's no going back. Kyla has been adopted by us at the age of 8. She's been raised by me from birth and now our daughter. This was my daughter Missy's wishes before she went to her Eternal Home to be with our Heavenly Father.
Our entire family continues to make memories until we meet again on the other side.
Eternal Blessings, Lynette